• In the structure that was once known as Meade Hall now resides the Gacioch Family Alumni and Admissions Center.

    The Gacioch Family Alumni and Admissions Center is a mission-critical facility for Niagara University. As the first stop on campus for prospective students and their families, the Gacioch Center is designed to inform visitors of the strengths of Niagara's academic programs and make them feel the heritage of the university alive in the building.  

    In February 2012, William Gacioch, a 1961 Niagara University graduate, and his family pledged a $2 million gift toward the renovation of Meade Hall. The gift from the Gacioch family was part of Niagara University's $80 million capital campaign, “The Promise of Niagara”¦The next 150 years,” which was completed in April 2012.

    For more than 80 years, Meade Hall served as the residence of the Vincentian priests and brothers who staffed the university. It was originally called Our Lady of Angels Faculty House because it housed the faculty of the College and Seminary of Our Lady of Angels. It was also a memorial to members of Our Lady of Angels Novenas, whose donations funded construction.

    The three-story building was rededicated in 1967 in honor of the Rev. Francis L. Meade, C.M., (1894-1958), who served from 1947 to 1957 as the 16th president of the university. He was first assigned to Niagara in 1928 and served as religious superior, dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, and vice president before being named president.

    Built to accommodate up to three dozen men, Meade Hall eventually became too large and inefficient for the modern day needs of the Vincentian Community. Its use as a residence was discontinued at the end of 2008.