• Built in 1957, this one-story brick structure formerly served as the headquarters of Our Lady of Angels Association. More commonly known as the Novena Office, the association exists to promote devotion to the Blessed Mother under the title of Our Lady of Angels; to help the Vincentians in the formation and education of priests, brothers and seminarians; and to help support ministries whose purpose is to assist the poor. The office was located on campus from 1918 to 2003, before moving to Lewiston.

    Today, the Marian House is the primary training area for the Niagara County Law Enforcement Academy (NCLEA), a program that provides extensive training opportunities for active police officers, sworn recruits and pre-employment civilians.

    Attached to the Marian House is Niagara University's full-service post office (est. 1887), a place for students to pick up or send “care packages” and reserve P.O. Boxes, if necessary.