• The Our Lady of Angels Library houses over 200,000 book titles, an extensive DVD collection, several computer labs and features an interlibrary loan program. Tailored to meet differing study preferences, NU's library offers an abundance of group study areas furnished with comfortable chairs and couches as well as private cubicles for students who choose to read by themselves.

    The library's well-trained, polite staff is excellent at assisting students, faculty and staff with identifying, locating and interpreting information.

    Additionally, the Office of Information Technology's Help Desk is located on the first floor of the library, providing a location where students, faculty and staff can ask questions and get help with any computer-related needs.

    The name of the library, which replaced the smaller Hartigan Library in Clet Hall in 1965, links the university with its founding in 1856 as the Seminary of Our Lady of Angels. The seminary was moved from Niagara to Albany in 1961.